Jennifer Love-Hewitt Wishes She's Real-Life 'Ghost Whisperer'

After four seasons of playing Melinda on Ghost Whisperer, Jennifer Love Hewitt admits that at times people on the street would approach her, mistaking her for the someone who can really talk to ghosts, like her character on the CBS series.

"They'll come up to me and they're sobbing because they've lost someone," she tells The National Ledger, adding that some people actually think she has similar psychic abilities.

Hewitt, 30, adds that she sometimes wishes she's a real-life Ghost Whisperer. "I wish I was the person they think I am and that I could help, but I'm just an actress playing a part."

Yet after four years of playing Melinda Gordon, Hewitt concedes that she had become undeniably close with her fictional character.

"I feel Melinda has become almost like my best friend. I get affected by what's happening to her. There are definitely days where I need to go home and unwind!"

The season 5 premiere of Ghost Whisperer is set on September 25. On "Birthday Presence," a woman who died during childbirth wants to be reunited with her son, while pregnant Melinda undergoes immediate C-Section.

There were also talks of a five-year jump ala Desperate Housewives, but nothing is confirmed as of the moment.

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