Four New Characters to Fill The Gap

With high school graduation comes departures, and in the case of Friday Night Lights--which got two more seasons in the past months--it means huge departures. And by that, we mean Adrianne Palicki, Minka Kelly and Zach Gilford saying goodbye in the upcoming season. So, the show's going through an infusion of new blood, as it is always, by throwing in four new characters. Cue your cheers. Wheee!

Okay, okay, so maybe we'll have to get used to not having Matt playing for Dillon High, but it's going to be a pretty new set-up anyway, with school districts in the town being split into two, making for what I think could be a cross-town rivalry. (Or shouldn't be. But anyway.) Producers have begun casting for those four new characters, and the descriptions are right here, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello.

New character one: Vince, a series regular, is a junior from East Dillon who's charming yet dangerous. The African-American begins his life on the show on the run from the police, which means Coach will get him sooner than later.

New character two: Another series regular, Luke, is as charming, only he's Caucasian and cocky. No, I'm not making this about race, just being descriptive... anyway, he's also playing for the Lions, which isn't the best scenario for him, because it means he'll be playing with his arch-nemesis, Vince.

New character three: Jess is the daughter of a former NFL hopeful and is a football junkie, for lack of a better term. Extremely energetic, she spends her time coaching her younger brothers in the game--or, off the field, being the pretty girl in town, literally. And by that, we mean both East and West Dillon. She's also a series regular.

New character four: Becky's a recurring character, but one who'll make Riggins' life a little more complicated. She's a beauty queen, but her family isn't exactly what you'd call (literally) picture perfect, and we first see her trying to seduce Riggins... after seeing him in bed with her mother. Oh-kaaay.

With that, it seems we're all set for the show's fourth and fifth seasons, hitting regular airwaves next year, but premiering on DirecTV much earlier, within this year.

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Jul 14, 2009 7:23PM EDT

That all sounds great and I'm sure that the writers can make it work but I really dont think FNL is gonna feel right without Matt.
I remember watching the first eppisode where it starts with Matt at his house with his grandma, and I got hooked.Matt has been the one that I felt the whole show was about (obviously minus the Taylors) and now without him it doesnt feel right.
I mean of course I'm still gonna watch, I love the show. But i always thought that the show started with Matt and should end with Matt.
But thats just my opinion.

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