Recap The Young and the Restless: Monday, August 2, 2010

Emily and Jack discuss Patty’s disappearance, both convinced that Adam played a part in it. Nick arrives to find Sharon pleading with Adam to live. At the hospital, Skye confronts Sharon about the shooting with a camera crew. The rangers arrive with questions for Sharon. Sharon recounts the events leading up to Adam getting shot. Later, Adam wakes up and defends Sharon.

Lauren hears on the news that Jill is giving an interview from Neil Fenmore’s grave. Later, as Jill is giving her interview, Lauren arrives to set the record straight. Lauren threatens Jill with a restraining order. Jill informs Lauren that all she wants is to feel closer to their father. Lauren overreacts and pushes Jill into a nearby open grave.

Sofia offers a possible solution to Cane’s immigration problem. Tucker is partnering with a company in Australia and wants Cane to help run it which would allow Cane to get a work Visa for eight months.

Phyllis informs Jack that she used Deacon in order to get back at Nick. Phyllis informs Jack and Emily that she is going to leave Genoa City for awhile and they may not be ready for the person that comes back.

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