Recap The Young and the Restless: Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Michael informs her Lauren that Jill has grounds for a restraining order. Kay tries to make Jill see that she needs to make things right with Lauren now and stop making everything about money.

Billy and Victoria have a family outing with their children. Mac informs J.T. that she is thinking about leaving. He says he loves her and not to run away from her problems.

Jill makes Tucker believe that she knows more than she does about Japan in order to get something out of him for herself. Jill asks for Tucker’s help finding out if her father ever looked for her and Tucker agrees to help her as long as she holds up her end of the bargain. Later, Billy asks for Jill’s word that she will drop the story about Newman’s stronghold on the Japanese market.

Kay and Tucker have a moment of bonding as Kay tells him about Liz Foster. Meanwhile, Jill sneaks onto Billy’s computer and finds the information about the antique gun. After another run in with Lauren, Jill calls Tucker and tells him that she has what he is looking for.

Jana pleads with Ryder to return to Genoa City. At the courthouse, everyone waits on news from Ryder. Mac overhears that Kevin is going to lose the coffeehouse and offers to buy back in and split the profits with him until he can afford to buy her share back. Jana informs Kevin she tried to get Ryder to come back but he refused. Kevin however throws her out of the coffeehouse. Ryder calls Daisy and informs her that he is on his way. Mac admits to J.T. that she loves him.

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