Psych Episode Recap: "Shawn and Gus in Drag (Racing)" Season 5, Episode 5

This week, Shawn and Gus get 2 fast and 2 furious while pulling a Keanu at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. Did any of that make sense to you? Don't worry, it will. Strap in, hit the gas, and get ready to race the Dynamic Duo to the end of this adrenaline-filled episode!

1990. Little Shawn and Gus are in the cab of what I can only assume is Henry's truck. Sure enough, just as Little Shawn starts to lose control of the vehicle, Henry shows up. Ooo! Timeline update. Henry just became a detective in this flashback. Interesting.

Present Day. Thugs hang out in a shady place - as they are want to do - when a masked gunman shows up and steals the Mazzerati? Is that what that car is? I have no idea.

Jules and Lassie are in the car when my question is answered by the radio dispatcher. It's a Lamborghini. Oh! That makes sense. Lassie decides to chase after the car as he suspects a group of drag racers he's been after are behind the theft. The detectives find the car and a chase ensues. After losing the car once, Lassie finally gets to confront the driver...who is apparently dead. Whoops.

Shawn and Gus duck under the crime scene tape some moments later. Several clues jump out at Shawn leading him to believe... something that we're not told at this present time. Lassie confronts the two, who banter with him and then race away from the crime scene.

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