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Why is FlashForward Cancled?

I am hoping, like myself, many of you are confused as to why such a good TV series as FlashForward has been cancled. Dispite an about 50% drop in viewers from 12 million to 5 million (id like to think because of the crap break that they had for months) the show has delivered. After watching the series finale, I wanted more. It is strange how a TV show like Smallville with around 1.5 million viewers on average during last season is being renewed, but this show isnt (even though they are on different tv channels).

But anyways i guess its better to burnout than fade away. For all the fans of the show, I am glad that the ending, although sad, was well made.

Kudos to the show.


| 16:48 EST, 19 Nov, 2010
like most of us we watch online television and i guess the ratings are for live TV viewers but there are so many of us who do not have time to watch live TV as we have busy schedules such as myself studying for a degree and home educating my teenage daughter at home in the U.K. Maybe ABC etc should start listening to the voice of viewers across the world online as well as offline.
| 11:21 EST, 14 Nov, 2010
In my flashforward , i've seen myself watching the season2. so there is no sense to cancel Tv series....
| 20:29 EDT, 13 Jun, 2010
its not too linear we are dealing with time - multiple futures i.e infinite plot curves both past and future
| 12:25 EDT, 28 May, 2010
Unlike most TV series the plot line is too linear and narrow to be sustained. In fact, beyond the sit-com genre I am at a loss to recall any successful show as such.

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