Two and a Half Men Episode Recap: "Fart Jokes, Pie and Celeste" Season 7, Episode 12

On this week's Two and a Half Men, the boys in Malibu have their fair share of relationship issues - and each one is a little more complicated than the last.

First, we'll focus on Charlie. He and Chelsea have a conversation regarding whether or not he will get up early to take her to the airport - turns out he'll just call her a cab. Then, Chelsea learns that there are compromising videos of her on his iPhone. She deletes them, and then invites him upstairs to give him something to remember her by. Unfortunately, Chelsea gets sidetracked, so Charlie heads upstairs to (ahem) take care of himself. And that's about as complicated as you get with Charlie - quick, easy, and uncomplicated.

Now, on to Jake. He is still reeling from his breakup with Celeste and blames Charlie for causing it. Being the sensitive uncle that he is, he tells Jake that he's too young to get hung up on a girl. "You like fart jokes and pie." Jake corrects him: "Fart jokes, pie, and Celeste." After that comment, Charlie gets the first of two drinks sprayed in his face. "Not so sexy when it happens to you, is it?" Berta asks. That one took me a minute to get!

Jake decides to win Celeste back by writing a song with words that rhyme with her name, including chest (of course) and Budapest (didn't see that one coming!). And in a "will he ever learn" moment, he also decides to accept some more advice from Uncle Charlie, which includes telling Celeste that he'll understand if she never wants to see him again. No surprise here, but Celeste tells Jake that she never wants to see him again. Poor Jake really thought she was the one. Not THE one, mind you, but the one who is pretty, likes him, and would let him do stuff to her one day. In the end, Jake gets a call from Nicole and goes to join her on the pier. Who's Nicole? It turns out that even Jake doesn't know. And that's about as complicated as you get with Jake - hormones, angst, and a little tricky.

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