Recap The Young and the Restless: Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jack plans an early Christmas for Emily, but their night gets interrupted.

Ashley and Tucker confront Victor with their suspicions that Victoria gave the antique gun as a bribe in Japan. Victor informs them they have no real proof and they know it.

At the opening of Gloworm, Victoria and Billy arrive and admit to the press that they are an item. Victoria decides to make a statement, kisses Billy in front of the photographers and her father. Abby arrives with her own camera crew and prepares to stir up trouble. Abby climbs into the giant champagne glass as she strips down to nothing, but her corset just as Ashley and Tucker arrive. Nick rescues Sharon from Adam after a photographer snaps a photo of “Mr. and Mrs. Newman”. Later, Victor informs Victoria that Billy conned her and he is the reason they are going to lose everything. Ashley comes face to face with Adam for the first time since his return to Genoa City.

Christine and Paul share a drink to their anniversary. Chris and Paul fall back into old habits as they remember the past and they end up in a kiss, which Nina witnesses.

Jana informs Kevin that she wants him back.

Jill and Lauren have an explosive argument over the Fenmore name once again, but Michael and Nick step in before Jill can attack Lauren.

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