Recap The Young and the Restless: Friday, August 6, 2010

Emily and Jack both wonder if they have a future. Patty calls Paul and vows she is going to make up for all the bad things that she did. Emily decides it’s time for her to get away from Genoa City. Jack and Emily say goodbye. Later, Patty becomes Mary Jane again.

Nick stunned when Phyllis informs him that she and Summer are leaving town for awhile. Phyllis declares she doesn’t think he was ever really sorry for cheating on her. Phyllis loses control of herself as their argument escalates. Nick leaves and Phyllis breaks into tears.

Jana pleads with Kevin to give them a chance to get back what they have lost.

Gloria is horrified and Jeff starts laughing when the cops shut them down after Abby’s strip tease.

Ashley informs Tucker that she won’t allow him to go to the Justice Department against Victor. Alone, Victoria informs Billy that Tucker knows about the gun. Billy swears he didn’t say anything to Tucker, but Victoria doesn’t believe him. Meanwhile, Ashley makes it clear to Tucker if he reports Victor she will leave Jabot. Later, Billy realizes that Jill leaked the information about the gun to Tucker and fires her from the magazine on the spot.

Later, Skye informs Adam that if he doesn’t get over his fixation of Sharon she is going to divorce him and take their money. Outside, Adam walks up to Sharon and kisses her deeply.

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