Creator: 'Life Unexpected' is Not Sexy

Life UneXpected is taking a stand. In an effort to perhaps distance itself from its future glossier, more sex-laden neighbors on the CW, Life UneXpected creator Liz Tigelaar says the upcoming series is not sexy at all.

"Our show's not sexy, and there's nothing trendy about it," Tigelaar tells the Los Angeles Times. "You could say that's bad. But it's a story about growing up, and I think that makes it something else that's good - universal."

En route to its January 18 premiere, expectations are high for Life UneXpected mainly because of the rave reviews its pilot has been getting. And comparisons with WB-era shows seem as commonplace as they are welcome.

Tigellar reveals that Life UneXpected took a rather long route prior to its small screen debut. The pilot, for instance, was the first ordered for the CW's 2009-2010 season, but it was the last picked up to become a series.

Not only that, it also underwent at least eight title changes, and initially bypassed for much, much trendier Melrose Place and The Beautiful Life, both weren't exactly hitting it up with CW's audiences. The Beautiful Life, in fact, was quickly given the axe.

Faced with this little dilemma, Life UneXpected became the inadvertent recipient of the prime 9pm Monday night slot while Gossip Girl is on hiatus.

That being said, there's something personal about the show for its creator, who was also adopted and was in the foster care system for a week as a baby.

"When you're adopted, no matter how great your adoptive family is, you can't help but think, 'Where's that person just like me? Where's that cool, young birth mom?' " she said.

She spins it into reality on the show, as the young protagonist finds herself two cooler, though perhaps emotionally stunted, parents. Catch it when it debuts January 18.

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Jan 13, 2010 8:26AM EST

I really am so tired of all these movies glorifying unplanned parenthood. "Juno", "Three Men and a Baby", etc, etc. Thats why we have Octomoms. Get real people! Parenthood is fine, but it sure as heck doesn't do the world any favors. Its ok to want a child, but its a selfish desire. Every child out there makes the world more crowded, with less animals and forests, and more difficult for all the other children who will grow up in a world that is wall to wall people. No grass, just sidewalks, no animals, hunger, pollution. Is that the future you want for our kids? NO? Then don't have any more of them!! This movie does a most awful thing. It suggests that having a child is a good way to grow up. Its not. Its not a way to fill your empty life with meaning. You are ready to have a kid when you want to give to them, not take. If you have a spouse, and decide to have two kids or less, then do it in a responsible, planned way. Our world can't afford these unexpected lives. And if you are not ready, give it up for adoption, or don't have a kid at all. It may be heartbreaking, but its the right thing to do for society. Don't be selfish, people.

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