Carla Hall of 'Top Chef' on Blogs and Changing her Hair

One of the final four contestants on Top Chef, Carla Hall was one of those who started out on the wrong foot but quickly gathered strength and eventually became one of the frontrunners. The Nashville, Tennessee-native admits that her husband does get upset whenever he reads negative comments about her performance on the show on blogs, but at the end of the day, she's confident of her skill.

My husband would get upset when he read the blogs, but I still don't read them. I wouldn't necessarily disagree with some of them. I knew I could cook better.

Moreover, she attributes her so far improved performance on the show to finding her sea legs.

It's like being on Jeopardy and suddenly all the categories are the ones you know. Getting feedback from Eric Ripert and Jacques Pepin was so rewarding.

Lastly, Hall denies that the cheftestants need to change their hair between the first round and finale. It just so happened that she got hers straightened, cut, and colored.

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