Heroes: Meet Samuel's Long Lost Love Season 4, Episode 16

The day has finally come for Heroes fans to meet Vanessa--- Samuel's long lost love and the one person who could make Samuel's world go crumbling down. In tonight's episode, we learn a little bit about Samuel's love life, Emma's grim future and Noah's plan to expose the carnival.

Noah wants to take down Samuel for trying to recruit her daughter Claire but is unwilling to use Claire's compass to locate it. He's got too much pride and is afraid that talking to his daughter again will further ruin their already rocky relationship. Instead, Noah seeks the help of Matt Parkman, who is now a stay at home husband. Isn't he wanted in several states for various illegal acts towards police officers? Anyway, Matt refuses to help Noah considering the last time he helped him, Sylar got stuck in his head. But Matt does help Noah eventually by brainwashing Vanessa into spilling the beans about her former obsessive lover Samuel.

Noah uses Vanessa as bait to lure Samuel but the entrapment doesn't work. Samuel kidnaps Vanessa, who gets sent to the carnival, while Noah and Matt track the GPS they gave Vanessa which only leads them to an empty field. Back at the carnival, Samuel holds Vanessa against her will and promises to show her something beautiful, though we never learn what it is before the episode ends.

Peter, on the other hand, is revealed to be the next potential Joseph in the making. Right now, though, he's busy dealing with his mother's horrific reaction to seeing Emma in his apartment. He steals her ability to dream about the future and sees a petrified Emma playing a cello in the carnival with Sylar on her side. To prevent this from happening, Peter destroys the cello not knowing that this will only drive Emma away from him and into Samuel's hands.

Elsewhere, Hiro and Ando attempt to rescue Mohinder from a mental institution. While Hiro checks himself into the facility as a diversion, Ando uses his ability to manipulate the building's security but then accidentally swallows Mohinder's drugs and passes out. But after all their crazy adventures, the trio manages to escape. Mohinder eventually learns about Hiro's dying condition and decides that electroshock therapy will cure the problem.

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