'Pretty Little Liars': You Can Run, But You Can't Hide Episode 4 Review

What's a technologically savvy stalker to do when her resources are depleted? She must turn to archaic stalking tactics such as snail mail, radio dedications and house break-ins. In "Can You Hear Me Now?" our favorite liars realize they can block "A" from all electronic communication at the click of a magic button. That's right, "A" can no longer contact Aria on her Microsoft Kin. That's Aria's phone, in case the constant barrage of commercials and on screen references were too subtle.

Once the girls do what they probably should have done three episodes ago, they think their troubles with "A" are over. But what fun would that be? Instead the girls piss "A" off so much that she begins to reveal their deepest and darkest secrets. And it's about time. Up until now "A" has been all talk and no action. Once the secrets begin to unravel, these girls will have more to worry about than a few creepy text messages.

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