'Hell's Kitchen': A Bloody Hand, A Hot Tub Striptease and a Donkey Season 7, Episode 8

Last night's 2-hour episode of Hell's Kitchen had some pretty crazy moments. Here's a list of the craziness you missed if you didn't see the episode.

Siobhan showed off her hidden talent as a hula-hoop champ in the 1950s diner. Maybe she should look into a gig with one of the Cirque du Soliel groups.

At first, with Benjamin on their team, the red team women were thrilled at how well things were going for them. But then, Ben turned into an arrogant tyrant. He seemed more focused on proving that he was better at everything then the rest of the red team and was downright cruel to Siobhan.

Jay managed to cut his hand seriously while opening clams. As the medic treated him, he began to feel light-headed. Hell's Kitchen is always a high-pressure situation, and we see injuries every season. Jay is the latest.

As the dinner service began, the three-tiered anniversary cake began to lean and looked like it was about to fall over and break apart. It would have been sad, but hilarious to see the top two tiers hit the floor. But the blue team managed to rescue it.

Chef Ramsay called Siobhan a donkey, shouted at Fran and told her, "engage your brain!", kicked the trash bins a couple of times and smashed a plate of improperly cooked food with his hand. It was a good night in HK.

The most insane elimination and challenge results happened last night. In the challenge, the blue team was made the winners because Siobhan had the best sandwich. (She's on the red team.) It was a confusing result.

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