Mickey Rourke Talks Botched Job as a Gangster Debt Collector (VIDEO)

Long before baseball, boxing and acting, Mickey Rourke had a job "collecting money." He couldn't be too descriptive on 'The Tonight Show' (weeknights, 11:35PM ET on NBC), but it was "back in the old days in New York -- before they had the lottery, they had the numbers."

His boss was "Uncle So-and-So," and Rourke had a new "thing" (read: gun) for the job. But he "wasn't real good with it." While, uh, working with a particularly difficult, er, customer, the actor was "twirling it in front of him and it went off. It missed him by about thatmuch, and he paid up. So Uncle So-and-So, he thought I was really good."

But success was short-lived: It came to pass that a 4-foot-2 "dwarf with a hump on his back" led to Rourke's demise as a professional bookie's henchman.

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