Recap: "Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me"

Whitney and Olivia haven't been seeing eye-to-eye in their personal lives, and it soon trickled into DVF as well. They're asked to help style a shoot for Elle magazine. The shoot is "crucial" for the spring issue, so Olivia and Whitney start to pull looks. Right away, they disagree when Olivia pulls one thing that Whitney thinks is too much of one color. Then Whitney takes a shot and Olivia calls it "match-y, match-y." They finally have their looks assembled, but Olivia wants to put one back so that they have the exact amount of garments requested. Whitney isn't so sure they should limit the choices, so Olivia gives in and keeps the jacket. Will they impress their bosses?

Whitney is out with Jay and asks him if he's started to look for a place and what his plan of attack is. He says he's going to feel it out and has called a few people, and then she reminds him that she's never lived with a guy and knows they're not ready for this. She doesn't want this forced upon them, but he assures her that he respects her and isn't going to stay with her and be stupid about it. Will Whitney stick to her guns and make him find a place?

The next day Whitney and Olivia meet with Alixe, the VP, to talk about "the Elle pull." She excitedly tells them that they used one of their picks, but when they ask who pulled the winning look, Olivia says she pulled the jacket (the main feature on the cover) and Whitney pulled the shirt. Way to not only lie, but throw Whit under the bus. To make matters worse, Alixe says they're going to host a luncheon to celebrate and thanks Olivia for an excellent job in spearheading the project. Olivia simply smiles - OK, gloats - and says "thank you" with no mention of Whitney at all.

At Rayuela, Allie, Samantha, Whitney and Erin get together for dinner. Jay comes up, and Whitney admits to having some issues with their relationship. "He'll come in at five in the morning and the whole sleeping situation, intimate part, where has the passion gone? Where is the excitement?" Well that doesn't sound good. Allie reminds her that Jay is a rock star, and he lives a rock-star life. So the question is whether Whitney can deal with it or not.

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Mar 5, 2009 2:11AM EST

where are the links of this episode? i live in australia and can't watch the mtv links

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