Dancing's Nancy O'Dell Suffers Knee Injury

The Dancing curse has struck again. Nancy O'Dell is nursing a right knee injury after twisting it during a Dancing with the Stars rehearsal, she told TVGuide.com.

"I was doing the salsa, which is all about holding your upper body straight forward and twisting your hips," she said. "This one particular move, I lock my knees and I'm up on my toes, so all my weight was on my right foot. It was a weird kind of 'ow,' but it wasn't until I got home that night that it swelled up a little bit."

The Access Hollywood host said she exacerbated it a few days later while rehearsing the waltz in a smaller room. "There was a piano bench and I was trying to avoid it [while twirling], so that tweaked my knee again."

O'Dell is currently getting her knee checked out, but is determined to be ready for Monday night's premiere. Her injury is the third pre-premiere ailment to hit the Season 8 cast. Jewel blogged last week that she has tendonitis in both of her knees, while Sex and the City actor Gilles Marini has been diagnosed with tendonitis in his shoulder and groin. Girls Next Door's Holly Madison is on standby to replace Jewel, Us Weekly reports. A rep for the show had no comment for TVGuide.com.

O'Dell offered her own theory on the seemingly endless line of injuries.

"We're all amateurs, and even though I run for 40 minutes a day - I did that four or five days a week until I started rehearsals - and I was in shape, all these moves that you do, your body is not used to twisting in different directions," she said. "Our legs and stuff are like, 'What are you trying to do to me?'"

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