Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "Senate Murders" Review

This was another Padme-centric episode - which apparently all now have the word "senate" in their titles to make them easily identifiable! While last fall's "Senate Spy" was not among my favorite episodes this season, I did admire The Clone Wars' creators for breaking away from the show's usual pacing and style, which continued again here with "Senate Murders."

Whereas "Spy" included Anakin in a large role, "Senate Murders" was the first time in the entire series Padme has been allowed to take the spotlight completely, with nary a Jedi or Clone Trooper in sight, minus the usual voice-over backed news reel type footage at the start of the episode. As an aside, there was a very cool little Easter egg in the midst of that footage - the first appearance in this series of the Revenge of the Sith era Clone Trooper armor, being shown off by Kaminoan senator Halle Burtoni. Which makes us wonder when we'll see the likes of Rex and Cody actually make the change on the series...

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