South Park: "200" Review

Two hundred episodes. Think about that for a second. When the South Park era started way back in 1997, the world was a very different place. Back then, cell phones were a luxury, Google was still a pet project of two geeks, and the edgiest animated show on the air was Beavis and Butt-head. A lot has changed since then, and South Park, just like Google, has grown into its own phenomenon. The series provided a look back on its own history in its 200th installment, but revisiting old material didn't work quite as well as developing new stuff.

There are so many referential jokes crammed into this episode that it's pointless to try to point out each one, so I'll just say that in general, if you've been a faithful South Park fan for most of this 200 episode run, you probably found a lot to like here. It's a virtual walk down memory lane as some of the series' best gags are revived. The first half was loaded with direct and indirect references to the classic Tom Cruise bash-fest, "Trapped in the Closet", and the second half is a treat for fans of "Fat Butt and Pancake Head" where Jennifer Lopez as hand puppet was the theme. Throw in more celebrity parodies than the show has ever had, along with a Muhammad joke, and you've got a recipe for making die-hard South Parkers happy. But, while I did find it fun to spot all the references and recall previous SP favorites, in the end, I had to ask myself if the episode really stands out by itself. For me, the answer is, "not really".

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