Worlds Collide, Brain Explodes: Tyra Exceeded My Expectations on 'Gossip Girl'

The other night's Tyra crossover into the Upper East Side was particularly bizarre to me. It was one of those rare but unavoidable colliding of worlds that we all experience now and again. Like when your college friends meet your high school friends, or you see your 5th grade teacher at the mall. It's just not right, and yet... it adds a whole new dimension to your knowledge about the world, and sometimes even about yourself.

Okay, I may have gone a little too far just now. I did NOT learn anything new about myself watching Tyra embarrass herself as "Ursula" on Gossip Girl. But I did learn something about her: it takes some real bravery to put yourself under the very sharp, very harsh lens of Gossip Girl critics and viewers, many of whom adore the show because they believe it reflects their holy, upper-crusty New York lifestyle.

So, even if Tyra didn't exactly self-nominate for a guest-star Emmy last night, let alone convince us that "Ursula" was a serious actress in the best role of her life... at least she tried. I can't even say that about Chace Crawford half the time.

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