'MasterChef' - Gordon Ramsay Gets Very Mad About Some Bad Potatoes (VIDEO)

Steak, eggs, potatoes. Everyone likes these things, right? It's pretty hard to go wrong with these ingredients. Unless you mess up one of the most basic elements.

On 'MasterChef' (Tue., 9PM ET on Fox). contestant David makes "Poached Egg & Steak Over Whipped Potatoes -- With Red Wine Mushroom Sauce.' ... Great! Sounds good! Unfortunately, David ruins the easiest part of this dish: the mashed potatoes.

Um, we don't mean to brag here, but even your current humble 'TV Squad' writer can make really good mashed potatoes. It's incredibly easy. Boil some spuds, mush them up, and then add milk and butter, followed by salt and pepper. It might be the easiest thing to make ... ever. But David can't handle doing it, and then Gordon Ramsay gets mad.

David's steak and eggs were delicious, apparently. But the potatoes were "lumpy," according to Ramsay.

Gordon gets right in David's face about it, too. "Why do you send me .. hard potatoes?" he says. "You screw up -- on the potato."

In case you haven't gotten this yet, Ramsay is very displeased by the whole "potato" thing. ... Will David survive?

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