'Gossip Girl' 3.04 "Dan de Fleurette": Best and Worst Quotes and Moments

I'm sure you're all split on whether this star-studded episode was crazy-awesome or just plain crazy, but I think we can all agree that it was extremely entertaining.

And even the parts with Tyra Banks made me laugh, though probably not in the way the producers hoped. She should probably stick to her day job... which is still highly theatrical and nuts, anyway!

Here are my favorite quotes and moments from this episode of Gossip Girl. What were yours?

Best Quotes:

* Chuck on NYU: What do you expect from a place where the men wear sandals?

* Eric: Unless I'm blind, their headbands were monogrammed with "BW."

* Blair: By the way, sandals aren't shoes.

* Chuck: Blair's gone Colonel Kurtz. (If you caught this Heart of Darkness and/or Apocalpyse Now reference, let's be friends.)

* Blair: Now, who wants to hear how I got the great Chuck Bass to tell me he loooved me?

* Chuck: Dumbo could always fly. He just needed a magic feather.

Worst Quotes:

* Serena: I've always been interested in fashion and art. (That is, spending money on clothes and boinking art students?)

* Celeste: Blair, OMGBSE! Oh my god, best sleepover ever.

* Pretty much everything said by "Ursula." Especially her "This is too pink! This is too RED!" TYRAde.

Best Moments:

* When Nate laughed to himself about Dan's oblivious date with a celebrity. For a second there I actually liked him again!

* The "Masters of the Universe" meeting. "Dude, you don't tell a girl that you like role-playing!"

* Surprisingly, the scenes with Hilary Duff! Her character may not be "refreshingly normal," but her presence and chemistry with Dan actually are refreshing.

* The way Chuck smiled to himself in his limo when he got the text from Blair and saw that his plan to get her back on top had worked. He may have done it in a less than honest way, but his intentions were heart-warming.

* When Rufus walked around the movie premiere with two sodas and a popcorn like an excited 6-year-old.

Worst Moments:

* The Serena and Lily drama. Try as I might, I just can't get on Serena's side about "finding herself" by putting off college. Maybe because I know that she really only wants to find her deadbeat dad.

* Jenny's wish-washy first day as Queen. You can't have your cake and eat it too, little Marie Antoinette. Luckily, it looks like Jenny has finally given up and gone to the dark side.

* The glimpse we got of Hilary and Tyra's "Oscar-worthy" film. "Ze Germans! Zey can't get zeir hands on zes documents!" Really?

* Vanessa is still hung up on Scott. Boo! She should have found a brooding, boho NYU hunk to crush on by now.

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