Smallville Season 9, Episode 3: Clark Faces "Rabid" Zombies on 'Smallville' - Preview

There's a new episode of Smallville on the horizon, and it's looking good for Clois fans (but not for those easily freaked out though). Actress Erica Durance commented about the budding romance of the two characters, as reported on a previous article, and manifestations of that are on the clip below.

For the episode "Rabid," it's some crazy zombie attack that Clark (Tom Welling) has to overcome. Is it just me, or is Smallville going the gory route? There was lots of blood and veins on the last episode, when John Corben was transformed into Metallo. Now, there's a bunch of creatures with massive dental problems. Creepier and creepier.

On the new sneak peek below, Clark and Lois (Erica Durance) find themselves stuck in the office as everything around them falls apart. Zod (Callum Blue) has apparently unleashed a virus turning people into zombies who start attacking the others to infect them.

Clark tries to get Lois to freedom, but she doesn't believe he's capable. But points to her for standing up for herself and declaring "I'll get us through this!" even though it's the guy who has the superpowers. Okay, so she doesn't know that yet.

Anyway, being bold has its consequences as Lois ends up getting hurt by the undead. While Clark easily defeats the rotting creatures, one of them finds its way to Lois and bites her. It's not all that bad, since she holds tight to Clark as he carries her out to safety.

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