90210 ''2021 Vision'' Review Season 3, episode 3

This week’s 90210 found the kids of Beverly Hills giving their video testimonials about where they pictured themselves 10 years from now. Some took the question seriously, others did not. One testimonial in particular revealed the truth underneath the lies.

Naomi still is not dealing well with the rape by Creepy Cannon. She cannot sleep at all because everytime she closes her eyes, she is back in the school, in the room with Cannon and reliving the whole experience she wishes she could just forget. Not only does she look awful during her testimonial, but she sounds bitter. However, there is one redeeming part of her testimonial. She quotes Mr. Cannon’s movie. The one that she saw right before he raped her. The one that he creepily asks Silver to come view at his house.

Silver has been snowed by Creepy Cannon. I believe this is Teddy’s fault. The more she has to pull away from him from his all night drinking and orgies, the more she is vulnerable to the predatory nature of Creepy Cannon. Did anyone else gasp when it was made known that Teddy’s champagne fueled love fest was with a dude? I had heard the rumors of Teddy actually coming out this season, but I was still caught off guard. I can only imagine how Silver will feel when she finds out.

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