Recap: "The Juice is Loose"

Family Guy returns with all new episode as Peter attempts to convince Quahog that O.J. Simpson is innocent of crimes he committed over a decade ago. How did the residents react? Find out in this week's recap of "The Juice is Loose!"

Peter Griffin finds a winning ticket from a 1989 Honey Nut Cheerios contest that entitled him to play a round of golf with a celebrity of his choice. Peter, in 1989, chose none other than O.J. Simpson. The announcement does not go so well with family and friends though, as they attempt to explain to Peter the crimes that O.J. has been acquitted of. Peter asks if all this was covered on television. It is then found out that Peter is simply obsessed with the 1989 version of O.J.

Before I continue with the O.J. plot, let me briefly recap the first segment of this week's Family Guy. Peter is left babysitting Stewie. Peter, joined by Cleveland, Quagmire and Joe, have a teen girl's night in as they play "truth or dare." One noteworthy moment here is Cleveland and Joe's 15-second make-out session. As Peter and Quagmire freak out, Stewie comes down and says, "It's just two guys making out." Perhaps one day, Stewie will realize the homosexual he has within.

When Lois comes home to discover Stewie stuck on the roof (trying to fix the satellite dish), Peter attempts to distract her with a Conway Twitty performance. For those who read my recaps weekly, you will not be surprised to read as I say that this was the biggest waste of 2+ minutes. I hope that someone can agree with me. However, the minotaur with the head of Sean Connery did almost make up for the Twitty performance.

On to O.J. The guys strap a microphone on Peter during his golf outing with O.J. in hopes to squeeze a confession out of him. Another memorable quote is Peter's greeting to O.J.: "That's my name, don't put a knife in it." When his cover is blown, O.J. admits that he acted in "a few bad movies" and is not perfect. Peter feels sympathy and brings O.J. home. The Griffins, aside from Stewie, are not accepting of having this man in their home. Stewie, on the other hand, likes O.J.

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Default avatar cat
Mar 16, 2009 6:55PM EDT

Is it just me or are the Family Guy jokes getting worse and worse?I mean sure, i chuckled at some point but the 3 minute song video was... i don't even know what that was! Is this the way we entertain the public now a days?
Its like I can read the producers mind: "oh we have a 20 minute show to cover, but only have 1 minute worth of good jokes! I know! we will do 15 minutes of absolute crap and a 4 minute song video which (and this is the hight point) we DON'T even have to work on because it already exists!!!!"
All right, I know I might be venting, but I really feel the joke is on us.

Mar 17, 2009 8:25PM EDT

agreed about the song thing, lately they have been trowing it in everything, and i know that a good song here and there is amusing, for instance the first time they did the Twitty joke in an earlier episode it was funny, but airing the whole damn song? at least when its an original song i can kinda give them props for trying (even though i find the originals lacking more often then not), but this was complete crap (not Twitty, the use of him).

Default avatar cat
Mar 18, 2009 9:38PM EDT

There have been some FG episodes that had minutes of crap in it, but this was WAY too much. The moment that weird disco video showed up I was hoping it'd last 10 seconds tops, but no. They decided to use up 3 minutes for nothing.I couldn't even finish watching the whole episode. It's a serious lack of creativity.

Default avatar cat
Mar 23, 2009 12:21PM EDT

The Last 3 episodes of Family guy suck hard DONG!
Thats all I need to say....

Default avatar cat
Mar 24, 2009 9:13AM EDT

i think they have sucked since the 5th season if im honest

Mar 26, 2009 2:48AM EDT

oh, anyone know that he wrote a book thats titled "if i did it heres how it happened"?anyone? no? well hell, i thought it was gonna be about that .... i kinda wanna read the book, but i truly don't care enough anymore.

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