Your thoughts on how the next season would turn out.

I was really impressed with the season finale for season four. All along, I knew that Ruby is a sneaky bitch - who had the bigger picture in mind.

I knew the writers were going to leave us with cliff-hangers [just like they always do with the other three seasons]. But hey, don't get me wrong. That's probably why people are tuning in more for the next season.

I've so many questions in my mind. Questions that I would have to wait for a very long time. Questions like 'What is going to happen to Castiel? Will he be punished by the archangels?"

Or What's going to happen to the brothers? Will they manage to escape from Lucifer? Or would Sam be that 'special child' who would be the vessel for Lucifer?

With all those aside, I want to know your point of view on the few points I have mentioned above.


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May 16, 2009 5:34AM EDT

Best bet... Sam ends up turning his back on the whole blood sucking, demon power, dark side deal, and Dean ends up turning his back on being in the Angels' pocket. Then, they find the strength in their "brotherhood", which is what this show is all about, and they fight off Lucifer and the Apocalypse on their own terms, in their own style. Good ole' fashion Hunting style.
I'm not so sure that Lucifer inhabits Sam. He needed the special child, but i think it was to kill Lilith, as no other demon could, since she was the first one, and in that sense, the elder and probably most powerful. So he needed a supercharged, demon/human to kill her. Which, if that is the case, would let Sam off the hook for the whole Lucifer inhabitation. Also, if they stick a little to Revelations, the Devil will inhabit the Anti-Christ, which i doubt will be Sam. He's been evil long enough on this show.
The Castiel question I think is simple. He is going to escape the wrath of the Archangel, and then, like he said, "We will all be hunted." Just as Anna was hunted, so will Castiel, but he will run around helping out Dean, and probably a little reluctantly, Sam, lol, and help them fight the hordes of demons released to bring Hell on Earth.
Might i just... Castiel has gotten much stronger since that first fight in the episode Heaven and Hell, when he fought Alistair. Perhaps that trip back up to Heaven turbo charged his Angel batteries or something. the other possible explanation is that, as he starts to doubt, and learn, "in a sense, eating from the tree of knowledge", he, like mankind, gains power but loses perfection. With knowledge comes power, but also evil and temptation. ........ Just a thought

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