'Hell's Kitchen' Season 8: Make Mine A Double

In another two-hour edition of Hell's Kitchen, the chefs had to mix cocktails, milk cows and create a ravioli dish worthy of making the menu, all while trying to maintain some semblance of order in the kitchen. The first three - got it. The last part? See the photo of Gordon? He's pointing to the way out.

The episode began with Raj whooping it up, literally, in the Hell's Kitchen dorms, celebrating the fact that he was still there. . . in the Hell's Kitchen dorms. While the rest of the blue team plotted to have him stuffed and served as a main coarse, Trev said that as the only one who hadn't gotten into an argument with Raj, he had the ability to turn him into a team player. He becomes the Raj Whisperer, speaking softly but firmly, leading him along with kindness rather than criticism.

That lasted as long as the surprise breakfast challenge. With the girls off enjoying their prize (Trapeze school and lunch in Santa Monica) Trev let Raj have it and the two ended up toe-to-toe, each daring the other to go for it.

Cocktails for Two

The dinner service twist was cocktails but it wasn't much of a twist at all. Trev and Sabrina were both pulled from the kitchen to be mixologists, We saw them whip up a few drinks, serve them and that was the end of their participation. Really not sure what the point was there. Without Sabrina, the girls handled service pretty well except for an over-salting issue, oh and Gail stood by and watched as a steak went up in flames, but that's not abnormal.

On the other side of the kitchen, Raj decided it was wrong to waste all of the food Gordon rejected, so he ate it. He also did that thing again, where he cooks entrees ahead of time just in case, and in doing so used up all the fish, so they couldn't complete the orders. There aren't enough question marks in the world to express my confusion over this guy.

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