Alan Ball Floats Charlaine Harris Cameo, And Then Some

Somehow we all had to see this coming. The original writer of the Sookie Stackhouse series, Charlaine Harris, is set to make a cameo appearance in the season finale of True Blood--which, as we all know, was adapted from those very books.

Series creator Alan Ball revealed that he has been keeping touch with Harris, although they haven't been discussing the direction the show, which returns for its second season on June 14, should take. "She actually is going to come out and do a cameo probably in the last episode of the season," he said. "But I do think it's best to just respect that boundary. Maybe I'm just being chicken because I don't want to hear that she hates this or she hates that."

Never mind that the series has been deviating a bit from the books as of late, but hey, it's creative license, right?

Anyway, inevitably Ball would end up discussing that other vampire-related thing, Twilight, and only because there's been a fascination for vampires as of late--with those films, this series, and the upcoming Vampire Diaries on The CW. He says he isn't worried that there are many vamp-related properties nowadays.

"I can't really talk that much about Twilight because I haven't read any of the books or seen the movie, but I personally don't really understand why you would have vampires in something that's basically about abstinence," he said. "I guess it makes it safe for young girls to fantasize about vampires in a way that isn't really threatening ... But as long as people love vampires and it helps bring them to our show, I'm happy."

Oh, and a couple of details about the upcoming season, too. This season of True Blood, he says, will revolve around "the power of cults." "Whether that's a neo-Greco pagan cult or a church of organized religion," he elaborated.

He also revealed that Evan Rachel Wood will be appearing as a guest star on the series, as powerful 500-year-old vampire Sophie-Anne Leclerq--although her character isn't supposed to show up this early, at least according to the books, the show's writers decided to do an early introduction, and she immediately came to Ball's mind.

"I got a call from Evan's manager during the first season saying that she loved the show and would love to be a part of it," he said. "I was thrilled because I think she's an amazing actress ... but I don't really create roles for actors. But when we decided to meet [the character] this season, I thought, 'Wow, she would be really great for that--let's see if we can make it work.' And fortunately, it did."

Nine days to go, then.

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