Entourage Episode Recap: "Stunted" Season 7, Episode 1

Last time on Entourage, the boys from Queens were finally moving out beyond the high-wattage shadow of Vince. Turtle got dumped by Jamie-Lynn Sigler as he began to look forward to starting his own business, Eric and Sloan were finally engaged and Drama scored a holding deal for his own TV series. Meanwhile, Ari bought back his old agency to add to his growing empire and Vince was continuing to enjoy the fruits of his labor with a nice vacation to Italy. However, things can't stay that stress-free for long and it's time to see how far the guys have, or have not, come since we last saw them.

We open up to a large villa with a couple of very beautiful young ladies in tight white shirts and short black skirts sitting attentively on Turtle's couch while he's on the phone. We quickly learn he's launched his hot girls limo service that he first pitched two seasons ago. Despite getting his heart broken by Jamie at the end of last season, all those UCLA Extension classes seem to have done Turtle good. However, there's one kink in Turtle's shiny new armor of Mercedes Benzes and it's one of his more directionally-challenged drivers, Alex. She's beautiful and everything, but is late and seems to get lost easily, which for someone who is a professional driver, might be a bit of a problem.

Back in Hollywood and the movie world, Vince is working on a new action film directed by Nick Cassavetes. Cassavetes, playing a great exaggerated version of himself, expresses his frustration over the shots with Vince's stunt double, saying that they don't look very convincing. Nick pulls Vince aside and says he wants Vince to consider doing a big car chase stunt himself. Nick and one of the film's producers emphasize how much better the shot will look with Vince instead of a double, and tell Vince if he doesn't do the stunt the movie will suck AND Vince will come off looking like a wuss.

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