'More to Love': Lauren is the Dave of this show

Last week on "More to Love", we learned that this show might be really uncomfortable to watch. Let's see if that keeps up tonight.

Between the voiceover that goes, "Last week on 'More to Love'" and the cheesy graphics, does it remind anybody else of "Invitation to Love," the fake soap opera on "Twin Peaks?" Just me?

Hey, they stopped putting the heights/weights on the screen. Good job, show! Tonight there are two group dates and instead of assigning the women, they are letting them pick, like in junior high P.E. Anna and Malissa are team captains.

Anna picks Arianne, Amanda, Magali, Melissa, Tali, and Lauren. Malissa picks Mandy, Heather, Danielle, Kristian, Bonnie, and Vanessa. Melissa cries in a talking-head about always getting picked last and blahblahblah kidsaremeancakes. Spare me. We all had hard childhoods, not just the fat girls. Christina doesn't get picked because nobody really likes her so far, which means she gets the solo date with Luke. HAHA. I don't like Christina either, but that's effing perfect.

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