Recap: "The Devil Inside, Part One"

In the first episode of a two-part storyline, Allison is targeted by a crazed, snake-tattooed, lunatic as "an instrument of evil." Waking out of a horrific dream that used very cool Dead Can Dance type music, Allison is rightfully terrified. This was one scary episode of Medium.

Allison walks out into the light in slow motion, glowing; she looks beautiful. However, Lucas Harvey, her stalker, calls her a lot of names including, "devil woman." He has decorated his apartment with pictures of Allison that he has doodled devil horns on and reddened her eyes in many of them.

Beelzebub, or, as we know her, Allison, starts her day with Marie sorting through the mail, recycling some and keeping others. It's a sweet moment between Mom and daughter until Marie hands her an envelope nearly identical to the one in her dream. She takes it to Devalos who shows her his "death-threat" file and laughs it off. Allison isn't laughing.

Her car breaks down and as she is just about to dial the auto club, a tow truck magically appears, as if sent by Heaven, (or Hell, depending on how you look at things). Allison is pleasantly surprised that the tow guy was passing by and lets him hitch her car to his wagon. When he invites her to get in the cab, (so he can allegedly drive her to the gas station), she notices the snake tattoo and freaks out, running down a motorist and making him wait with her until Lucas takes her car off his flat-bed.

Even though Allison warns Devalos and Scanlon about the letters and her dreams, and the creep-a-holic tow-truck guy, they require proof positive that he exists. Scanlon finds Lucas' apartment and tells Devalos to come tout de suite. When he sees the demonic pictures, Devalos summons the entire Phoenix police department to swarm the Dubois house. He then brings them a policeman's breakfast - donuts, of course! Yum.

Somehow, Scanlon leads the killer right into Allison's house bearing groceries. Lucas lures her with the sound of running water and tries to rid her of the devil within by drowning her in her bathtub until Scanlon shoots him in the back. It's no wonder that Allison doesn't even want to brush her teeth in that room afterwards.

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