'Big Brother 12' bonus footage of the Zingbot 3000

The "Big Brother 12" Zingbot 3000 was in the house for last week's Power of Veto competition -- but CBS has released some unaired footage of the 'bot's best zings.

The Zingbot dishes out:

**Hayden, Justin Bieber just called. He wants his hairdo back.

**Britney, I heard you got engaged. My congratulations to you and your brother.

**Hey Brendon, I thought I was made of a lot of silicone ... until I met your girlfriend.

**Hey Matt, when you go back to Middle Earth, please tell the other hobbits I said hello.

**Hey Meow Meow, what's your wife nickname? Woof woof?

And our personal favorite:

**Pull over, Kathy. You're going 40 in a 25 zone.

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