Assessing the (Leaked) "Final Break"

For a moment, let's return to the events of the Prison Break finale. Michael was successful at bringing down the Company, but not without the casualties, in this case, his mother Christina. Kellerman returns and gets everyone out of their loopholes--well, all but T-Bag, who was imprisoned for everything he's done. Four years later, Mahone's got a new wife, and Sara's given birth to her son. And Michael, as we all know, died. We should also remember that there is a feature-length episode, "The Final Break", that will be released on DVD in July, and it will explain everything that happened in those four years, including Michael's death. The catch is, that one's been leaked online.

Well, not exactly. "The Final Break" was, surprisingly, aired in other countries. Originally composed of two episodes--"The Odd Ball and Chain" and "Free"--it was first aired in Israel, which was the version that leaked, and will be aired in the UK tonight. For obvious purposes I shall talk about what happened in those episodes, although I won't leak as many details, because technically we already know what happened. But that won't stop me from posting this warning: there are possible spoilers up ahead, so unless you've seen it or are planning to buy the DVD, skip this part now!

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Jul 8, 2009 3:40AM EDT

I live in Malaysia and we just got episode 23 on July 6.I was totally surprised because I thought it was over with the grave yard scene.I'm glad they are showing what happened in the missing 4 years but sad to know after the next episode 24 it will be over.

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