Recap Angel: Season 1, Episode 17 - Eternity

While attending a play with Cordelia as one of the stars, Angel and Wesley - trapped in the audience - are subjected to Cordelia's minimal acting talent. While leaving the play, they spot a famous actress, Rebecca Lowell, crossing the street. Angel rushes to save her from a car that purposely tries to run her over. Oliver, a producer that represents Rebecca, offers to pay Angel, but he doesn't want a reward.

The papers report on the rescue, but Angel pretends not to care when he is not mentioned. Rebecca shows up at the office the next day, and asks for his help with a stalker fan. Her career is on the rocks, and she'd feel safer if Angel would take care of this case. Cordelia is upset that Angel refused to take the case, and begs Angel to give it a chance so that she can have a jump-start into the life of fame. After a party, Rebecca's stalker shows up on her property, but Angel breaks through a window -- having been invited earlier by Rebecca to "drop by any time" - and fights the masked stalker.

Rebecca looks at a mirror and realizes Angel doesn't have a reflection; correctly guessing he is a vampire, she is intrigued rather than scared. That night, Angel attends a premiere with Rebecca, standing as her bodyguard. As they leave, an attacker pulls a gun on them, and Angel fights him off. Rebecca recognizes the attacker as a stunt man and realizes that Oliver set up the stalker for publicity, as her career is in danger as she grows older. She realizes that she won't be able to stay young forever, but Angel's immortality suddenly gives her another option.

After discovering the bullets were blanks, Wesley and Angel conclude that it wasn't a real attack. Rebecca and Cordelia go shopping together, and Cordelia helps Rebecca pick out a bottle of champagne for Angel. That night, while sipping champagne, Rebecca "accidentally" spills some on Angel and he has to go change his shirt. She slips a drug, later revealed to be "doximal", a euphoric, into his drink and they toast and drink when he returns.

Cordelia confesses to Wesley that she told Rebecca all about Angel and how one could become a vampire by him. As the drug takes effect, Rebecca tries to convince Angel to make her a vampire. Angel says she doesn't realize what she's asking of him, and in a sudden burst of rage, he sprays blood into her mouth so she can taste what she's getting into. She confesses that she slipped a happy pill into his drink and it has given him the feeling of "perfect happiness." No longer Angel, Angelus attacks Rebecca, but she escapes through the elevator while Angelus goes outside to cut the power and phones.

In the office, Angelus confronts Rebecca and his two employees. He mocks Wesley for being inadequate, then tells Cordelia how bad she was in the play. She threatens him with water, trying to convince him that it's holy water. The water temporarily stuns him when it hits him, allowing Wesley to knock him down into the elevator shaft. Angel wakes up, chained to his bed, feeling horrible about the things he said. Cordelia reluctantly forgives him, but leaves Angel chained to the bed.

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