'Hell's Kitchen': You're Just Cooking Like a Zombie! Season 7, Episode 4

Fran now believes that Chef Ramsay has kept her around for a reason. Is this going to turn into some sort of Joan of Arc thing, where she's convinced she has a destiny? As the men file out, Gordon tells Salvatore that he shouldn't crumple when he gets yelled at. Fight back!

The next morning, Scott and Salvatore are the only ones awake at 5:23 am. They go over the menu and Scott explains that Gordon Ramsay's idea of fighting back is saying "Yes, chef" and getting back to work.

Everyone's lined up in the dining room. The challenge will employ the craps table from before. In fact, we're just reusing a challenge from last season. Each of the chefs will roll the twelve-sided die, then name an ingredient that begins with the letter shown. Then each team will make a dish employing those ingredients. There are currently six chefs on each team, which I have just noticed means that the episode title is wrong. Oh, well.

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