Previewing Episode 2 "All The Bang, Half The Bucks"

I remember watching the very first episode of Project Runway. I don't know why I was watching it, but I watched it anyway. The challenge was pretty outrageous--go to the supermarket, grab some items, make something out of it--and I was actually wondering how they'd pull it off, or how the final outfit would look. Of course, it worked, to the point that they did it in a later season.

And then there's last week, and the very first episode of The Fashion Show. Oh, yes, the comparison is seriously inevitable. This wouldn't have happened if not for that legal tussle that saw Heidi Klum and company to pack up to Lifetime. Anyway, halfway through the show, or roughly around that, I was having the sense that, well, it's essentially similar to Runway. It's the point, isn't it? But it's pretty different in many regards, and that's why I didn't flick the channel halfway through. (Or, in my case, stop the recording on the DVR.)

The Fashion Show is unabashedly more accessible. Not saying that Runway isn't, but that's high fashion, and judging on both series premieres, you can sense the difference. The first one went straight to concepts; the newer one went to the people who would wear it. I think this could carve a pretty good niche--never mind if it looks like a rip-off or something. I'll give it half a season to settle in, then I'll get back to you.

On to the first impressions, then. Merlin? Must-watch character, partly because of the accents, and partly because of the hats--I wonder who he'll clash with next. I'm also putting my early bets on Reco, because I'm sensing an unexplainable sensibility to him. And I liked James-Paul's, too, never mind my actual lack of fashion sense. And never mind that the challenge wasn't exactly a success for everyone, but I could live with that. They're a scarily diverse range of designers--knitwear to underwear, hah!--and there'll really be a lot of time to settle in.

I'll just have to get used to losing Tim Gunn, the way Project Runway sent off the loser, and... Isaac's "kids" line.

We'll be back with another episode tonight from 10pm on Bravo. What's in it? I honestly don't know--Bravo's not providing much with episode information. But watching the preview at the end of last week's episode, things should be pretty interesting. Rip-offs? Blood? Hrmmm. We'll see, we'll see. I'm looking at the episode item now and it feels like it'll be able a good-looking outfit on a budget, unlike last week's. Just a guess.

That's why I need those synopses, darlings. Yes, Isaac rip-off, me.

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