'The Hills': Stephanie Pratt would rather be with the tigers than Ryan Cabrera

ShePratt, Lo, and Audrina gather to set the itinerary for the following week. ShePratt is particularly excited because she has a second date with blind date Max, whom she describes as looking "like a prom king." Lo asks what's new with Audrina. Or should I say "what's old"? Audrina says she visited JB, claiming she wanted to see his new bike. The girls immediately see through her flimsy cover story. They waffle over whether she should tell Count Mop-ula about her affair of the heart. Lo cuts the bull and says either way Barry Mane-ilow will see it as a betrayal because JB obviously bothers him. Lo wonders if Audrina would consider going back to JB if he changed his obtuse ways. Audrina lets out a big, indecisive (and moronic) sigh. Credits.

Elsewhere, Kristin gives Brody the details on her meet-up with McKaela. They rehash the gory details about Allie Lutz's adventures in B&E, during which Brody makes her out to be Gollum, and it's pretty amazing. Kristin laughs at McKlueless's insistence that Brody was the one pushing the relationship. Which, of course he was, because he was trying to tap that. Doesn't mean it was for life, sweets. Kristin knows these things. Brody asks about her plans for that and invites her to join him at Le Deux.

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