Recap: "America's Next Top Model Is..."

The final three models compete for the title of America's Next Top Model in the 12th season finale. After they shoot their CoverGirl commercial, two are chosen to walk - and crawl - down the final runway.

The episode opens with Aminat, Allison and Teyona getting "Tyra Mail" and scripts for the CoverGirl commercial. They meet up with Jay, who tells them they won't just just be in the commercial, but in a print ad as well. The winner will get to be in a national ad featured in Wal-Mart stores across the country. McKey introduces the girls to the product they'll be pushing - and she's clearly still as awkward on camera as she was last season.

Aminat looks almost Botoxed, as she's unable to show any facial expression during the shoot. Allison looks amazing, but forgets her script. Teyona's nerves get the best of her and she fumbles. She basically hits a wall and starts to break down and cry. Somehow she rallies for her next take and photo shoot, but she beats herself up later that night.

They head to the panel to decide which two will walk in a Rosa Cha fashion show. Teyona's commercial is first and it's fumble after fumble. Cue the water works. The judges seem sympathetic - especially Paulina. Teyona's photo comes out amazing and Tyra says it's the "epitome of smiling with her eyes." Next is Allison, who gets an "it's OK" from the judges. Her shoot comes out great as well. Aminat is last and the judges really like her commercial. Her film, however, is lacking - again she needs to get control of her facial muscles. Allison is the first finalist selected. It's down to two. There's Aminat, whose commercial is great but who can't show a facial expression in photos to save her life. Then there's Teyona, who bombed the commercial but takes a pretty hot picture. Teyona is the one who stays. The two remaining models head off to pose for their Seventeen cover shoot.

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