OUTLAW ''Pilot'' Review Episode 1

In the Pilot episode of OUTLAW, Supreme Court Justice Cyrus Garza, the most conservative voice on the court, is the swing vote on a death penalty appeal. After racking up $250,000 in gambling debts, surviving a car accident that kills his liberal activist father, and sleeping with a protester who takes him to task on the death penalty, Garza unexpectedly sides with the death row inmate and resigns from the Court to fight for the little guy. After striking a sweet deal with a law firm that allows him to choose his own team and travel anywhere, Cyrus chooses the death row inmate himself, Gregory Beals, as his first little guy.

Hmm. This isn't what I had hoped for. I can get past the only in TV land premise of a sexist, womanizing cliché-spewing gambler being confirmed to the Supreme Court via some sort of right-wing conspiracy only to resign in his prime to fight the system, but it's all so overwrought and heavy-handed. From the clumsy dialogue (Following the rules doesn't always lead to justice. Then you have to change the rules.) to the swelling, melodramatic score, Outlaw is too Look at me! I'm serious and earnest and meaningful!

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