Recap: "This Place Is Death"

Namaste, y'all! Last's episode of Lost sheds new light on how Ben convinced the Oceanic 6 - or at least part of it - to return to the island and how Locke came to his fatal decision to assist in that very same mission. We see how Jin flashed his way back to a reunion with his fellow Lostaways. Oh, and somebody dies!


Ben has his work cut out for him with the fussy Oceanic 6, as Jack appears to be the only one who's really on board with his plan to go back to Funhouse Island. For her part, Sun has pulled a gun on Ben out at the Long Beach marina, just seconds from offing him because she believes he caused Jin's death. Kate screeches off with Aaron when she finds out that Ben is the source of her recent legal trouble. Sayid similarly beats feet, as he doesn't want any part of Ben's plan.

But! Ben has proof that Jin is alive, and if Sun gives him 30 minutes, he'll show her that proof. But first, they have to go see a person who's going to show them how to get back to the island. Sun agrees, but her trigger finger is no less itchy. On the way, Jack says if Ben is lying, Jack will kill him himself, which sends Michael Emerson into a signature tizzy in which he affirms that he's the good guy and that he has done so much to help them, blahblahblah. At this point, I've reversed my position on Ben so many times, my nose is bleeding. By the episode's end, this little speech is cast in a much different light, so I have good reason not to trust him, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

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