The Real Housewives of New York' recap: Jill wants back in - Season 3, Episode 13

We are all now on the down slope of the season, and my excitement for the reunion (taped this week!) is reaching a fever pitch. But first, let’s together slog through a so so episode of predictable shenanigans. Here’s the short order of what went down: Alex broke out in hives (duh), Ramona choked, Sonja’s dress flew open, Jill face-planted on the ice, Kelly continued to rewrite history in her loopity doop script. Oh, and LuAnn redeemed herself with some thoroughly reasonable behavior and Jen Gilbert continued to hang around without contributing much to the conversation. Why is she a Housewife again?

The episode kicked off around the island breakfast table, where Sonja, Ramona, Alex and Bethenny rejoiced that Kelly had split for the airport. Everyone agrees that the woman is off her rocker and thus mustn’t be messed with anymore. (Reunion episode, I live for you!) “It’s not a fair fight,” Bethenny says in a late-breaking realization.

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