Is 'Hawaii Five-O' the most enduring TV theme song ever?

Who’s the biggest star in the new Hawaii Five-O series coming to CBS this fall: Alex O’Loughlin? Daniel Dae Kim? Maybe Scott Caan? The answer might not even be a human being. A top CBS exec told Variety that marketing efforts will center on a lightly updated version of the original Hawaii Five-O theme song: “We’re going to treat it as a lead character of the show.� The same honcho added that Hawaii Five-O had “the most enduring theme in the history of television.� Hmm…

Sure, the Hawaii Five-O theme is awesome - no argument there. And it’s certainly been around for a long time. But personally, I would put it below classics like Cheers, Mission: Impossible, and Star Trek. I’m not even sure it outranks Law & Order (though that one needs a few more years before it can compete as “most enduring�). I’m also dubious of the CBS exec’s claims that youngsters who’ve never seen Hawaii Five-O love the theme song because of YouTube clips like “Brian Setzer’s live performance in Japan.�

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