Recap The Young and the Restless: Monday August 9, 2010

When Nick visits Faith, Nick and Phyllis realize what they are losing with the loss of their marriage.

Nick shows up at Sharon’s with a copy of the newspaper with Sharon and Adam on the front page. Adam admits that he confessed everything to Sharon and Skye goes ballistic. Nick realizes that Adam has gotten to Sharon and now she doesn’t want to testify against him. Adam refuses to let Vance attack Sharon on the stand, no matter what she says. Adam arrives and Sharon goes outside to talk to him. Adam wants Sharon to testify to the truth in court and promises her that no one will come after her. Meanwhile, Skye informs Vance to go after Sharon with everything.

Heather, Sid and Ronan inform Paul and Christine that Chance plead not guilty at his arraignment to make sure he went to jail. In jail, Chance tries to get the inmates to sell to him. Heather and Ronan ask Owen to drop the charges against Chance in order to protect their case, but Owen refuses.

Christine and Paul realize that Nina thinks that they slept together and they try to explain. Meanwhile, Heather and Ronan try to have Chance moved from general population, but Chance continues to refuse. Later, Chance manages to score drugs from his cellmate. Meeks talks to Chance’s cellmate who informs him about the drug exchange. Meeks replies that when Chance “accidentally” gets killed it will look like a dirty cop was killed in prison.

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