It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 5 Episode 3: "The Great Recession" - Recap

The gang is facing tough economic times. Dennis and Mac take ownership of Paddy's. Charlie hits the streets and Frank invests in a new business with Sweet Dee. It's "The Great Recession" of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Read this week's recap to find out how the gang deals.

Facing tough economic times can be rough, especially for the Sunny gang. Frank goes broke and tries to hang himself twice - failing both times. Realizing they don't have Frank to bail them out financially, Mac and Dennis take over the bar and fire Frank, Dee and Charlie. Charlie and Dee are offered opportunities to defend their jobs, but blow it. Sweet Dee has no idea what a mojito is and while Charlie was defending his job superbly, his illiteracy failed him. Charlie had been turning on the neon "Coors" sign - or thought he was. The sign read "Closed."

Now on their own, Frank and Dee buy an RV which serves as the offices for Reynolds & Reynolds, a door-to-door knives and power vacuum sales team. Even with a rehearsed sales pitch, the duo is unsuccessful. Frank accidentally cuts his thumb, bleeding everywhere. Meanwhile, Sweet Dee is spilling wine over carpets in hopes of selling a powered vacuum.

Then there's Mac and Dennis. Claiming to have a great deal of business sense, the two look to increase Paddy's income by introducing Paddy's Dollars, which is inspired by Dave & Buster's. All sounds perfect until Mac and Dennis realize they are just recycling Paddy Dollars and not making money. Good plan, but then again, Dennis blacked out the night he proposed the idea.

Finally there was Charlie. Poor Charlie. After being fired for not distinguishing between "Coors" and "Closed," Charlie is denied access to Frank and Dee's RV followed by his own home, unless he wants to share a room with Uncle Jack who enjoys wrestling with others in the same bed. What's left for Charlie? He moves to a box on the Delaware River and becomes a "Crab Man." Due to city laws, he is not legally allowed to eat the crabs.

Just when everyone seems to be heading down the drain, Frank receives great news. The government bails him out and now Frank is the man with the cash again. The episode then finishes off with Frank taking Mac and Dennis back to D&B for a steak dinner - Dee and Charlie are uninvited.

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Next week: "The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention."

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