Jasmine Guy, where you been hiding? Apparently on 'Drop Dead Diva'!

On Sunday evenings, after Big Brother and after Mad Men, if I can manage to keep my eyes open, I try to tune into my lady-like indulgence Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime. I'm especially glad I got my Diva on last night because look who popped up with a gavel in the court room: the irrepressible Jasmine Guy! (Cybil Shepherd made a grand appearance, too, but whatevs.) Drop Dead Diva always manages to snag ridiculously delicious, icon-esque guest judges (Rosie O'Donnell! Paula Abdul!), but seeing A Different World star Jasmine just made me smile. Not totally sure why I got so excited (she's been on Vampire Diaries recently), but I'm just gonna revel in her random pop-up and post about it here on PopWatch. My grin was extra large, too, last night thanks to Jasmine's somewhat marm-ish hairdo (see: photo here) and her surly attitude on the episode (which you can watch in entirety, if you want). No one messes with Whitley! Relax, relate, release! (I've always wanted to cite Whitley's genius line here in a PW post. Mission: accomplished.)

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