Grey's Anatomy Season 6, Episode 3: "I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me" - Recap

In this episode of Grey's Anatomy, everyone in the hospital is worried for their jobs following the Chief's merger announcement. Izzie returns to work despite her cancer, and Cristina sucks up to Dr. Robbins as all the residents jockey for positions as the Chief compiles a layoff list. Meanwhile, Bailey and Karev treat a woman with a serious abdominal aneurysm, but they can't give the patient the help she needs because of her concern over her schizophrenic son. So, who makes the cut? Let's find out.

Having been kicked off Bailey's service and fearing that she didn't have an attending who would go to bat for her, Cristina cozies up to Arizona. Her logic is sound: She will get to do all the surgeries she wants, and since they are on kids, they are all the more complicated and therefore make her look better. Only problem is Cristina isn't exactly the cuddly kid type. She eats her patient's chocolate pudding, wants to cut open a young boy who passed his stones on his own and refuses to play hide-and-seek. (Her Mr. Bear voice, however, cracked me up.)

Even afar all those examples of how terrible she is with tykes, Arizona still wants to give Yang the benefit of the doubt until Callie shows up. Callie, who is looking for old case files to support her application for a job in Portland, tells Arizona that Cristina is only using her as cover from the merger. When a C-section goes wrong and a baby's arm is cut off, Arizona relegates Yang to recovering the umbilical artery while she and Sloan patch the baby up. (Sloan had the line of the night: "That's how I know I'm safe, Yang. I reattach babies' arms.) Once they have saved the baby, Arizona gives Yang a piece of her mind: "I don't like being used, and I like being lied to even less." Will Yang ever learn?

Izzie's paranoia leads her to buy a "Stepford wife" wig and come back to work three weeks early. Karev questions the wig choice, but Izzie says it's better than "peach fuzz chemo hair." But Karev's worries don't end there. He consistently interrupts meetings with patients to remind Izzie to take her meds, and even barges into a surgery when he learns that the procedure will run long. She sends him away, but he returns with her meds, a sip of water and a banana, realizing that she won't quit. It was a tender husband-wife moment, despite the fighting that led to it.

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