'Project Runway' Recap: Always a Bridesmaid

The only thing nastier than a hot pink, polyester bridesmaid gown is this season of Project Runway. Never before have we seen so many glaring eyes, heard so many put downs and now it seems to have spread throughout the whole cast! As if it wasn't hard enough making a wearable garment out of an old bridesmaid gown, now they have to do it with knives in their backs? Et tu, Project Runway! Et tu!

Look up the word "awkward" in the dictionary and you'll find a description of this week's episode. It began with the aftermath of Tim's uncharacteristic slam after last week's elimination. He called Gretchen a manipulative bully and she said he hurt her feelings. I believe that, because even the meanest person doesn't like to be called out on their behavior, but several of the designers join the pity party, saying she's just a little controlling and doesn't mean to be mean. And Cruella De Ville loves puppies.

The really odd thing is how nearly everyone suddenly has it in for Michael C, whom I find funny and charming. It's not like he won last week. That was Casanova. He was in the bottom and he took hits from every one of his teammates, so if anyone had a reason to whine, it was him.

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