Steve Carell Versus a Farting Vulture (VIDEO)

Comedian and actor Steve Carell appeared on 'Lopez Tonight' (weeknights, 11PM ET on TBS). He was on the show to promote his new movie 'Dinner for Schmucks.' Carell also discussed his run-in with a highly flatulent vulture.

The vulture was a last-second addition to Carrell's movie, and he had to sit right next to it during the filming of a dinner scene. Apparently, vultures are pretty dangerous -- which makes sense. After all, the birds eat dead carcasses, so their beaks are strong enough to snap through solid bone. Steve explained to host George Lopez that he suddenly realized that he could "lose an appendage" during the shooting. He also mentioned his plan for not getting hurt by the bird: "I just tried to not look dead. Because that is the most appealing meal to them."

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