Recap Mercy: Season 1, Episode 6 - The Last Thing I Said Was

Sonia finds Veronica stuffing syringes into her purse. Veronica explains: its tailgate season, time to barbecue, and the syringes are handy for marinating meat. Mike and her brothers are throwing a party at the Flanagan house tonight to test their recipes and Sonia's invited. After burying his wife in Minsk, Harris returns with gifts of honey and sturgeon, thanking the staff for their support in his time of need. He hands Veronica an envelope containing a $3,000 invoice for his windshield. Chasing down Harris, Veronica is waylaid by Chloe, who confesses that she spilled the beans about Veronica's affair to her brother Ryan.

When Veronica learns that Sands told Chloe about their affair, she confronts him in the scrub room. It's time that they let each other go. Sands doesn't want to let go, which he demonstrates by pulling Veronica into a passionate kiss. When Sonia barges in, the couple finally let go of each other. Veronica asks why he kissed her. Sands explains that life is short, and he's obviously running out of moves.

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