Recap Mercy: Season 1, Episode 7 - Destiny, Meet My Daughter, Veronica

The Flanagan family is gathered at Delaney's for Bobby's birthday party, all except for Mike and Veronica. Everyone misses Mike more than Veronica, and Jeannie is full of recriminations for her daughter, both for being late and breaking Mike's heart. Ryan blames Sands, who is having a great time at the moment, in bed with Dr. Gillian Jelani. Afterwards, Gillian hurries to get ready for another shift, and Sands asks her on a date for a sushi dinner in Manhattan.

Sonia finds Veronica in the locker room, crying, and tries to talk her into going to Bobby's party. Veronica knows her family likes Mike more than her, but how can they not think she loves him, too? He won't answer her calls anyway, so what's Veronica supposed to do? Advising Veronica to give it some time, Sonia persuades her to go to the party. When they arrive, Jim is standing on chair, weaving as he toasts Mike. Veronica wants Jim to get down, but he claims that he's been standing on chairs with a drink in his hand since he was 12. Blinking absently, Jim blanks on the name of the birthday boy, then takes a header into the cake.

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